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Core values, Code of conduct & Ethics

Core Values:

Students seeking admission and trust of their parents are the primary reasons we exist as an Institution.

Integrity: All the activities should be conducted in an ethical manner. Research, training and teaching shall be carried out in an environment of academic freedom and honesty.

Accountability: The roles and responsibilities are assigned and people are held accountable for their deeds. We feel our liability towards the society and our actions add values to the Institute.

Responsibility: Everybody in the Institute is expected to discharge his/her duties with due responsibility.

Transparency: The general records of maximum aspects of the functioning are maintained online to encourage transparency.

Respect of Individual: While carrying out the interactions at all levels, the dignity and respect of an individual is observed.

Faculty Empowerment: Institute promotes and encourages faculty in their individual academic development and provides scope for enhancement in their participation in general governance.

Service to Nation: Institute is committed to developing the skilled manpower to serve the Nation.

Environmental stewardship: Committed in practicing green practices for sustainable development of the Nation.

Code of conduct

Code of conduct for Teachers:

He/She shall discharge the duties assigned by the management with utmost sincerity, devotion, discipline and maintain absolute integrity and dignity.

He/She shall not engage in any private business or practice either in an individual capacity or in partnership, without prior permission of the management.

He/She shall abide by the code of conduct as per the KLE Society’s rules. In case of misconduct he/she shall be subject to disciplinary action by the institution/Society.

The code of conduct for faculty normally addresses the matters to related conduct of teachers such as teaching, learning, and evaluation, relationship with the students, associated staff, management, parent’s duties and responsibilities with moral & professional ethics, human values, external services, devotion, dedication and integrity of the teacher towards the college. Wearing formal dresses as a dress code is must for all the faculties. Biometric attendance is made compulsory for staff, leave records, salary slips etc. are maintained.

Code of conduct for Student teachers:

Every student in the Institute is expected to be involved only in activities that are likely to maintain the prestige of the Institute. Each student should behave respectfully with all.

Following actions constitute the Institute code of conduct.

Dress Code: Students are required to follow the dress code prescribed by the Institute, i.e. formal shirt and pant for male students and saree for female students every day except Wednesday.

Honesty: Malpractices/Cheating during test/examination or knowingly furnishing false information are prohibited and strictly dealt.

Biometric attendance: Biometric attendance is made compulsory for students.

Disciplined Conduct: Any behavior obstructing teaching-learning activities in the campus are entitled for punishment.

Respect for women: Students must take care that his/her behaviour is impeccable toward opposite gender. Any unwelcome behaviour towards female students and employees in written, spoken, gestural or physical directly or indirectly would be dealt with as per the Law.

Daily assembly: The day starts with Thought for the day followed by“NaadaGeete”.

Prohibition of Ragging: Ragging is any conduct by a student as an individual or group of them whether by words spoken or written, or by an act, which has the effect of teasing, treating or handling the fresher or any other student with rudeness will be treated as ragging and will be entitled for disciplinary action.

Smoking/Drugs/ Alcohol/ Tobacco/Weapons: These kind of products are strictly prohibited in the Campus and in the Hostels.

Possession or use of Fire arms, Fireworks, Explosives, Weapons or items of destruction are prohibited.

Conservation of Natural resources, Energy and Environment:

1. Every student and Staff is expected to be aware of these things and maintain the conduct accordingly.

2. Students and teachers are oriented about the Code of Conduct

Our college has got a code of conduct for the staff as well as students.

It is made clear during every orientation programme.

3. There is a committee to monitor adherence to the Code of Conduct

4. Professional ethics programmes for students, teachers, administrators and other staff are organized periodically


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